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Expo Brasserie, the stylishly decorated ground floor restaurant of Budapest Expo Congress Hotel serves a sumptuous hot and cold, all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast in the mornings, and at the same time, it functions as an a’ la carte restaurant for luncheons and dinners. During the summer period the restaurant is supplemented by a nice open terrace. The menu represents an exciting mix of Hungarian dishes and International cuisine, ensuring Expo Brasserie to be a the perfect place to meet business partners for a quick lunch or to share your daily experience with colleagues after a busy day in the Budapest Fair Centre.

Chef Recommended Signature Dishes Recommended

  • Homemade Apple Tart with Cottage Cheese Cream

    • Hungarian-style

    3.50 €
  • Veal Stew with ’Dödölle’ Hungarian Dumplings, Sour Cream and homemade Cabbage Salad

    • Hungarian-style

    11.00 €
  • Asian Spices Marinated Salmon and Pickled Cucumbers with Rice Vinegar

    • Asian-style

    9.00 €
  • Salmon Steak with Creamy Baby Spinach and Crunchy Wild Rice

    • California cuisine

    13.00 €

Expo Brasserie

1101 Budapest Expo tér 2.
Phone number
+36 1 263 6800
+36 1 263 6801
47.4930877685547, 19.1222801208496
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